Thursday, October 20, 2011

Please Vote for my Costume

I entered a local Cutest Halloween Costume picture contest and since I entered later than most I have a lot of votes to catch up.  If you could please go vote for my picture I would win 4 tickets to disney on ice.

Here's the link.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Discount Boutique Clothes

Zulily Link

Have you ever heard of Zulily?  I just found out about it today.  I've seen the ads all over the place but never clicked.  It's a really cute discount boutique store.  They feature different boutique sellers and sell there items on clearance so you always get a good deal.  Here's some of the featured items I really like today.


I absolutely love this jumper! I think this is by far my favorite on the site today.

This is on sale for $16.99
original $30.00

Chocolate Tiered Sundress

I really liked this sun dress unfortunately they only have size 14 left.  I've noticed things go fast on this site so if you see it and love it snag it fast before it's gone.

original $43.00

New Custom Wordpress and Blogger Designs

We've been busy here at Thatblogplace with some super fun custom WordPress and Blogger designs.  Here's a few we just completed!

Sunny Simple Life is an adorable blog with some amazing pictures.  She loves country decorating and has a beautiful garden and home that she loves to decorate.  If your looking for inspiration or just want to blog hop this is a great blog to visit!

Intrigue magazine is a fun, hip WordPress site with all the latest music news.  She also does reviews on different music, artists, and more.  We can design any style of WordPress or blogger site your looking for.  We are in the process of renovating our site to include WordPress Designs.  Our prices start at $200 for a basic and $300 for a fantastic WordPress Design.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a custom WordPress Design.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Wordpress Blog Finished

I just finished a WordPress blog design for a really sweet customer with a baking blog.  We have just started doing custom designs for WordPress. If you would like a price quote you can contact us at  We'll have our site updated with prices as soon as we can.  You can look for some fun changes at thatblogplace we will be redesigning our whole site.  We'll still be taking orders for blog and WordPress custom designs during our makeover.   Here is a link to the Wordpress blog we just finished.  It's a new year and a great time to get a new look.